Impressive 3 course menu created to illustrate understanding of RE

Impressive 3 course menu created to illustrate understanding of RE

In Religious Education this term, students have been learning about the religious and political movement of Rastafarianism and Pan- Africanism (political union of all the indigenous inhabitants of Africa, that sought to unify and connect people of African descent worldwide).

We have been exploring a wide range of topics looking at the accurate depictions, power and significance of black leadership in Africa, specifically Ethiopia and influential black Biblical figures who are commonly recognised in the West. The positive contributions of the Windrush Generation in Britain after the post war labour shortage, as well as the deportation of many after the scandal in 2015 deconstructing issues surrounding systemic racism and cultural appropriation and how to combat this. Furthermore, we have been looking at the lifestyle that Rastafarians attribute to and the benefits of a diet they follow called Ital.

The Ital diet that is based on the spiritual belief that the body is a temple that must be clean and pure. This means that they refrain from ingesting animal products, such as meat, dairy and eggs and only eat food that is fresh, local and in season. They believe in the thought that we must eat an optimum diet in order to live our lives with optimum health. Students have been designing their own Rastafarian Menu following the Ital diet and recognising the importance of global learning when looking at the benefits the Ital diet has to the environment.

Tegan in 8M not only designed her own menu but decided to cook her delicious menu!

Starter: Rasta Salad Boat “Pitta bread with a salad in the middle”

Main: Rasta Island Stew Pot “Stew with brown rice in the centre and flower water and herb dumplings”

Dessert: Rasta Summer Fruits Swamp “Summer fruit in delicious sauce”

Ms Zareefi who is Tegan’s RE teacher states “I am in awe and amazement of what Tegan has produced! She has gone the extra mile to show the multiplicity of her Ital menu and I am so proud of her. It has been a delight teaching Tegan this year and she deserves every bit of recognition! I can’t wait to see how she progresses in her creativity in the years to come- Well done Tegan!”

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