House System


The House System plays a key role in communicating and modelling Fairfield’s ethos and culture. It provides each member of our community with a sense of belonging. Each student is placed in one of four houses–currently named by our students after inspirational and creative Bristolians–and is supported by a well-balanced programme of competitions and activities led by our Heads of House, House Systems Manager and student leaders.

The aim of the House System is to provide students with personal development opportunities such as working together to benefit the school community, select charities, and their local community. House members are encouraged to think creatively, critically and collaboratively to enact their ideas and goals.

Competitions and events take place throughout the year and include inter-house competitions, Sports Day and Core Skills Day. Achievement Points are awarded to students for excellent behaviour and participation. A trophy is awarded termly to the House which earns the most Achievement Points. Recognition and incentives are provided by the school and our community partners. Do let us know if you’d like to contribute a prize or reward opportunity.

The house names for this academic year are as follows:

EMERALD HOUSE – Community Engagement

The Head of Emerald House Miss White: Please feel free to email me


The Head of Emerald House Mr Pryke: Please feel free to email me

SAPPHIRE HOUSE – Fundraising

The Head of Emerald House Ms Milton: Please feel free to email me

RUBY HOUSE – Positive Culture for Learning

The Head of Emerald House Mr Matias: Please feel free to email me