Home Learning

Homework Policy

Homework and extended learning is an essential part of learning at Fairfield and completion of work set by subjects is taken extremely seriously. Praise and rewards will be given by subject teachers for excellent effort and work produced whilst missed deadlines will be recorded in Sims, our student reporting service.

All Extended Learning and Homework will be uploaded by subject teachers to students’ accounts on TEAMS along with any necessary resources students require to complete tasks. Paper copies will be available for any students without ICT access. Deadlines should be recorded by students in their planners along with interim deadlines for longer project style tasks.

Extended Learning and Homework in Key Stage 3

Year 7 students should experience flipped learning three times per term. Students in Year 8 and 9 should expect to have at least one flipped learning per term and one hour on English, Maths and Science per week.

Extended Learning and Homework in Key Stage 4

Students in Year 10 should expect to have flipped learning three times per term and 11 should expect to have three flipped learnings per term for option subjects. Languages and English once a week and Maths and Science twice per week.

Working at home is a crucial part of success at GCSE and students may be asked to do longer homework’s than before.

Government guidelines

Government guidelines for homework for secondary school children are: Years 7 and 8 are 45 to 90 minutes per day Year 9 are 1 to 2 hours per day Years 10 and 11 are 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours per day

Any students worried about the amount of work they have to do or who are finding planning work at home difficult should speak to their tutors.

Please contact your child’s form tutor or Achievement Coordinator if your child does not have access to a device. We will endeavor to provide help and assistance where possible.