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Bristol Teen Book Award 2021/22 

What is it? 

The Bristol Teen Book Award is running for the fourth year celebrating diversity in Young Adult novels. We have shortlisted 6 recently published books from the UK all with a theme of diversity. 

Which books are on the shortlist? 


Who is the award aimed at? 

Every secondary school in Bristol – Year 9 and above. There is a range of styles and characters to interest all keen readers and inspires young children to read more. Each book features a character whose voice is not always heard in mainstream fiction.  

What do they have to do? 

Read the books. You can borrow the books from our library or from the following public libraries: Bedminster, Bishopston, Central Library, Fishponds, Henbury. Junction 3, Knowle, Sea Mills and Whitchurch. Or access some titles online from Bristol Libraries.

Read them in the Winter term, vote for the one you think is best and come to the Awards Ceremony in February 2022 (date and venue to be confirmed). We have invited all the authors, so they can meet them and attend a workshop.

We will announce the winner at the event. We know that it will probably be a virtual event, but it will still be a great experience. 

Accelerated Reader news 

All our students in Years 7,8 and 9 should now know their Accelerated Reader book levels. The book level range they have should be the appropriate level of challenge for them.  

To check whether a book has an Accelerated Reader quiz, you can go to: 

When you have finished reading your book, you can take a quiz from home. Follow the link below, enter your computer username and your password. 

Don’t forget: 

Score 100% 5 times on your book and you can choose a prize from the library.

AND Every time you quiz on a book, Accelerated Reader counts the words in your book. Quiz regularly and you could become a WORD MILLIONAIRE and that buys you an invite to our MILLIONAIRE’S TEA PARTY. 

AND work together as a tutor group to win a luxury breakfast in Term 6. This reward is only available to the tutor group with the most Accelerated Reader book points. 

Other news 

Remember the Summer Reading Challenge? Well, we haven’t forgotten, and we are excited to offer prizes to those students who impressed us with their reading efforts: 

Congratulations to: 

Oscar in Year 8 who read 25 books / ebooks  / periodicals, and Ula in Year 10 who read 19 books / ebooks / periodicals. They have both won a book token worth £10 to spend on their next book! 

We also want to give the following students a very special mention for their efforts to expand their reading horizons over the summer: they have chosen a prize from the library Recognise and Reward collection. 

Prizes are awarded to: 

Wilhelm, Kostina, Freya and Macy. 

EXCITING NEWS for the Library in Term 2: 

The library will be open after school until 4.30 every day for students from all years. We are excited we can be open more for our students. We know how important the library is to so many of you. 


Accelerated Reader:

All Key Stage 3 students (Y7, Y8 & Y9) take part in the Accelerated Reader programme.

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a software tool used for monitoring and managing independent reading practice. It is proven to raise literacy standards for students of all ages and abilities by motivating students to read more, suitably challenging books.

Students select a book at their individual level, read it at their own pace then take a short quiz to assess how well they have understood it. Feedback based on quiz results helps teachers and librarians to guide each student, to set targets and to direct on-going reading practice.

Accelerated Reader has more than 32,000 quizzes on fiction and non-fiction literature from over 300 publishers.

There are usually 5, 10 or 20 questions in a Reading Practice quiz depending on the length and complexity of the book. Approximately 200 new reading practice quizzes are added to the programme every month.

If you would like to check whether there is an Accelerated Reader quiz before choosing your next book, go to



We have more than 7000 books comprising a wide range of fiction, non-fiction and reference titles.


We have 17 computers available for students to check emails, complete homework and carry out research during homework club, break and lunchtimes.

Displays and activities

Colourful displays on a range of topical issues are regularly updated to encourage students’ interest and participation. Books and resources on current homework topics are displayed in a dedicated area of the library.

From time to time we have visits from authors and illustrators, who talk about their work or run workshops with our students.


A printer is available in the library for students’ use.

Stationery shop

The library has a small shop selling stationery, calculators and memory sticks