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GCSE Results 2020

Fairfield High School (FHS) students are celebrating a strong set of GCSE results in the year of the coronavirus lockdown.

Many students were awarded high grades based on their hard work and achievement over five years in the school.

Others reached standards well above those that might have been expected when they started at FHS. The school has an excellent record in boosting pupil progress; in 2019 it was among the best 650 schools in the country.

Fairfield is proud to recognise the success of all students, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, those with English as an additional language and young people in care.

Students across England were unable to sit exams in the summer after schools shut to most young people in March. Grades were awarded after a rigorous assessment process by leaders in school to ensure grades were fair.

FHS is committed to ensuring that the students who are leaving this year are able to follow suitable courses from September. The school has kept in close contact with these students throughout and will be working with them over the coming days to help them confirm their next steps. Some will go on to V6, the joint sixth form provision for Fairfield and Colston’s Girls’ School, while others will take up places at other colleges and sixth forms in the city.

Principal Nick Lewis said: “We are extremely proud of our Year 11s, whose time at Fairfield has been cut short by Covid-19. We are determined that their future plans will not be derailed by the coronavirus crisis. Our staff have really gone the extra mile to support them.

“Well done to all the students who have achieved the grades they were hoping for. Perhaps more importantly, I want to congratulate all our young people who have shown such maturity and resilience during this emergency. I wish them all the best for the future.”

Head student Alice Towle echoed the Principal’s comments. She said: “Our teachers have been fantastic, checking up on us by phone and email. The post-16 transition co-ordinator knows where everyone is planning to go for sixth form in September and will be speaking to people again after they have received their results.”

Alice, who is one of Bristol’s youth mayors, said it was a pity that her year group had missed their exams, seen their Prom postponed and been denied the chance to experience results day in school together.

But she said the current generation of 16-year-olds could be proud of the way they had supported one another and coped during the past difficult months.

“We have done really well,” she said. “At Fairfield, we have had a great five years. The school genuinely has a community feel. There is mutual respect between students and staff and the sense of belonging is really special.”

GCSE Results 2019

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Progress 8 = +0.363

Level Maths English Lit English Lang English + Maths – The Basics
9-4 70% 66.4% 67.8% 67.1%
9-5 47.3% 26% 43% 37%

GCSE Results 2018

Provisional Progress = +0.111

Level Maths English Lit English Lang English + Maths – The Basics
9-4 66.9% 62% 63.6% 43.8%
9-5 49.2% 48.8% 43.8% 58.7%

English and Maths strong passes are above those achieved nationally last year.

Subject Successes

We are particularly proud of our top achieving subjects which include Biology, Chemistry, Polish, Urdu all with 100% standard passes. Closely followed by Physics with 92.6%.

Subjects that have made phenomenal progress such as Sports Science who have doubled their pass rate to 86.7% .

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GCSE Results 2017

Progress 8 = +0.1

Attainment 8 = 48.15

Percentage of pupils achieving a standard pass in English and mathematics (grades 9-4) 63.8%

Percentage of pupils achieving a strong pass in English and mathematics (grades 9-5) 48.5%

Percentage of pupils achieving a strong pass in the English Baccalaureate (grade 5 or above in English and mathematics, and grade C or above in unreformed subjects) = 26.2% (of those entered)

Percentage of pupils entering the English Baccalaureate = 40%

GCSE Results 2016

63.5% 5 A*- C

60% 5 A*-C inc English and Maths (this headline figure is up 8 percentage points on 2015 and has risen 13 points in two years)

61.5% attaining a C+ at both English and Maths

Value Added: 1010 (1000 = national average)

Progress 8 : -0.05 (an average of how students did compared to others across the country, with the same KS2 grade. This applies to their best 8 subject grades).

Attainment 8 scores: 48.88

Students who have achieved the English Baccalaureate: 27.9% entered, 21 % achieved

GCSE Results 2015

Students bucked the national trend by improving GCSE results and Value Added from the previous year. Levels of progress for both Maths and English were significantly above national and attainment secure with over 65% of students gaining a C grade or above in these subjects. Science results were amazing with 85% of the cohort gaining A*-C in two sciences.

GCSE Results 2014

Performance was exceptional in Maths, around 70 per cent of students achieved at least five A*-C passes, 99% achieved at least five A*-G passes.