‘We are Fairfield’ Curriculum


The Fairfield Curriculum is personalised. It is built around students’ individual needs and rooted in our view that all students should enjoy learning, become positive citizens of Britain and the World, while also leaving us with the qualifications they need.

Our Fairfield Values (see below) underpin school life and allow our students to build skills for a healthy, vibrant, future.


Below are links to an overview of the curriculum for each subject and each year group, that we offer:

CREATIVE COMMUNICATIONS (English, Citizenship and PSHE, Child Development, Health and Social Care & Classics)


SCIENTIFIC CONCEPTS (Science & Computer Science)

ENGINEERING, TECHNOLOGY & ART (Art, Engineering, Food Technology, Fine Art, Art Graphics, Photography, Design Engineering & Manufacture Engineering)

HUMANITIES (Geography, History & RE)

MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES (French, German, Spanish & Arabic)

PHYSICAL EDUCATION & PERFORMING ARTS (PE, Sport Science, Music, Performing Arts, Dance & Drama)

Please contact Assistant Vice Principal Ms Farina Ackerman with any questions regarding the curriculum.