Fairfield Parent Network news, Term 2 2020

  • We are loaded!  The FPN currently has a whopping £3,219.30 in it’s account which is good….but really it’s bad as we want this money to be out there doing good for our kids.  We are currently in discussion with the school about how to spend £3,000.  Our current plan is to buy laptops and dongles for young people in need.  As soon as this is properly agreed we’ll up-date you.
  • Christmas is coming...prepare to loosen the clip on your purses and wallets.  We are hatching a plan for a pre-Christmas fundraiser to support some of the most vulnerable students in the school.  We’ll be in touch very soon.
  • Uniform for students in need.  In these tough times some families are really struggling to provide school uniforms for their children.  Please hang on to the uniform that your kids have outgrown.  Look out for donation requests from us over the coming weeks and months.
  • The Core Group has had a whip round…..and we’ve bought some large tubs of chocolates to send in to school to show teachers how much we appreciate them.
  • Would your child like to say thank you?

We’re putting together a booklet to send in to school with the chocolates.  If your child would like to send a message to a teacher to go into the book then please email us:  [email protected]   We will need:

  • The name of the teacher
  • The child’s name and year group
  • A lovely comment from them to their teacher
  • Deadline for submissions:  Mon 7th Dec 2020
  • Do you like how this “News” has been written?  Think you can do a better job?  We are looking for someone to join the FPN core group to help us communicate with parents about what we do.  It is not a big time commitment and we’re a really great group.  If you think this sounds interesting email:  [email protected]


The Fairfield Parent Network (FPN) is a group of parents who support the school by raising money at school events through selling food, drinks and selling second hand uniforms.

  • Here’s how you can get involved:  
  • Donate: Cakes, drinks, food and secondhand uniform for school events
  • Help to sell: Cakes, drinks, food and secondhand uniform at school events
  • Join the core group: Organise the cakes, drinks, food and secondhand uniform at school events.  We meet once per term on Zoom.
  • Join our WhatsApp group now! 

Be the first to know what’s happening with the FPN and how you can help.  Email [email protected] with your name and mobile number and we’ll join you to this group.