‘In mathematics…The proportions of students making and exceeding expected levels of progress are above average’ (Ofsted) 

The Maths Curriculum at FHS is designed to provide a smooth transition from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3 and on to GCSE, for students of all abilities. Our aim is to enhance the learning power, performance and enjoyment of Maths for all. In light of this, in the autumn of 2014 we were invited to join the prestigious Prince’s Teaching Institute. This institute recognises our passion, commitment and innovation in teaching Mathematics and acknowledges our ability to deliver a curriculum beyond examinations.

For year 7 and 8, with the exception of those learners who need additional support, we teach in mixed ability sets. A common core of work is studied, although resources and content are tailored to the individuals in each class.

Activities undertaken are individual, group and whole-class based, and are across all attainment targets of the National Curriculum. Termly diagnostic assessments are used to monitor students’ progress and results used to inform planning for the class and individuals to target and resolve any weaknesses. All students have individual aspirational targets and track their own achievement against these in every topic area.

Home communication is frequent with all key information on targets, progress, assessment marks and homework record being sent home termly together with highlighted weak areas through our department’s “home” sheet.

Over achievement is recognised and celebrated with assembly awards and praise postcards from their class teacher. In this way we can ensure all students develop their confidence in and enjoyment of Maths whilst enabling them to achieve their maximum potential.

Year 7 and 8:

In 2016 we adopted a Mastery approach with our Year 7s and we felt it was so successful that our Year 8s engage with this approach as well. Mastery endeavours to strengthen the foundations laid at Key Stage 2 by focusing on a more in-depth, more cumulative understanding of essential knowledge (negative numbers, times-tables, fractions, ratio etc.…) and skills in mathematics.

Year 9, 10 and 11:

All students begin to prepare for the AQA Linear GCSE, which will be sat in Year 11. Each exam can be taken at a Foundation or Higher level.

As from 2014, we also run parallel with our GCSE Mathematics programme, Additional Mathematics for our high achievers to ensure they achieve their maximum potential. They will have the opportunity to sit this qualification in Year 11.

Additional Support

We have a full-time HLTA (High Level Teaching Assistant) Maths specialist in the department who supports classes and students who may have specific or increased needs. Students may also be supported with one-to-one specialist support. ‘Twilight’ and tutor-time classes are provided for students identified as needing extra support, and a popular maths workshop/drop-in session operates at various times during lunchtimes and after school run by individual maths teachers to support their learners who are finding a particular topic or homework challenging.

Gift and Talented learners extend their flare and interest in maths by visiting such places as Bletchley Park, Oxford’s Pitt Rivers Museum or witnessing the superb road show Maths Inspiration and by taking part in national Maths Trust competitions.

FHS Maths Outside The Classroom

All Key Stage 3 learners (and most Year 10s) took part in at least one focused, differentiated maths related workshop last year. This has been supported by building upon our relationship with the cross-party Government lead initiative STEMnet. This is tasked as one of the vehicles designed to encourage and promote careers with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. In 2012 we were awarded the prize of the best STEM school in the Bristol and Bath region. We are also one of the only schools to offer an exclusive Maths Week full of puzzles, competitions, prizes and games run throughout the curriculum, thus ensuring links with other subjects are strengthened whilst encouraging learners to identify the underlying relationship maths plays in a wider context.

Some of the workshops we have run include:

  • Codes and Ciphers (Bristol University)
  • Acoustics and Engineering (Hoare Lea)
  • Numeracy at Work (Explore Learn)
  • Engineering: Mission to Mars (BMT Hi-Q Sigma Ltd)
  • Storm Chasers (UWE)
  • Street Art (UWE)

For the fifth consecutive year we also invited a pyrotechnics specialist in (Matt Tosh) to present an interactive workshop detailing the science and maths behind fireworks and firework displays.

KS3 Maths – Home Support

Engaging Activities



Video Tutorials, Practice Questions with Answers and more…

https://login.mymaths.co.uk/login (school login: fairfieldhigh school password: johnson) – individual logins/passwords can be found in Teams


https://www.khanacademy.org/math/cc-sixth-grade-math (Yr 7)

https://www.khanacademy.org/math/cc-seventh-grade-math (Yr 8)

https://www.bbc.co.uk/education/subjects/zqhs34j (BBC Bitesize KS3)\


GCSE Maths Home Support

Video Tutorials and Walk Through Questions

https://login.mymaths.co.uk/login (school login: fairfieldhigh school password: johnson) – individual logins/passwords can be found in Teams

www.justmaths.co.uk/online Log In: Fairfieldstudent. Password: Mr Gerrard has emailed you this password


http://mathsapp.pixl.org.uk/ (school login: FH808, individual login: Surname and Initial (GerrardP) and individual password: see school email from your Maths teacher

Topic Based GCSE Questions



BBC BiteSize – Topic Based Lessons/Activities/Games/Questions


Past Papers

Edexcel Past Papers (from 2015) – our exam board is AQA so we would prefer these papers not to be used at home