Becoming a Governor

20 November 2020

Dear Parent/Carer


I am writing to inform you that there are vacancies for two parent governors to serve on the governing body of this academy. All parents (or people with parental responsibility) of registered pupils are eligible to nominate themselves for this vacancy, the nomination form is included with this letter.

Local parent governors are vital to the local governing body. All governors share equally the responsibility for carrying out the local governing body’s wide range of responsibilities. The local governing body has as its core focus the standard and quality of education at the academy and is directly responsible to the Excalibur Trust Board for the monitoring and challenge of educational standards. You do not have to be an expert on education to be a school governor; your role would be as a typical parent bringing a parent’s perspective to local governing body and the academy. We value the experience that all local governors bring to the role.

If you join the governing body, you will serve for a four year term and can continue to the end of your term of office even if your child/ren leave the academy during that time. Being a governor is rewarding but does require a commitment of time and energy to the academy. There are six local governing body meetings each year and you will need to set aside time to be able to be an effective governor; time to prepare for meetings, undertake training, keep up to date with changing legislation and, most importantly, time to visit the school. To find out more about what being a local governor at this academy is like you can contact Dr Kieran Kelly, Chair of the local governing body, via the academy, who will be pleased to answer your questions.

If you would like to take this opportunity to nominate yourself forward as a candidate, you may only do so using the attached official form which needs to be completed and returned to me via the school office by 12 noon on Friday 04 December 2020. If more than one nomination is received an election; by secret ballot, will be held; so the information you provide on your nomination form is important as, in the event of an election, it will be sent to all voters. You will be informed of the election arrangements soon after the closing date for nominations. All appointments to the local governing body are subject to the approval of the Excalibur Academies Trust Board of Directors.

Please see attachment below for letter including the nomination form and further details.

Yours sincerely

S Hepworth

Ms Suzanne Hepworth

Clerk to the Local Governing Body and Returning Officer

[email protected]


We are committed to high quality educational opportunities in the classroom, and to supporting and developing our culturally rich and caring school. Volunteers are needed to become Governors to help all our children reach their full potential.

You don’t need to be an expert in educational issues to become a school governor. The most important contributions you can offer are time and enthusiasm. As a school governor, you will have the opportunity to contribute ideas and influence decisions. You will be given training and support to help you in your role.

To find out about present and future vacancies for Fairfield High School Governors, contact the Chair of Governors at: [email protected]